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Awesome Blues

Accardi / Gold / Bachtolds

Bag Ladies From Hell

Gorebag & The Gruntss

Best of Elwood Strutter Sutton

Elwood Strutter Sutton & Friendss

Blues on Foggy Mountain

E.J. Golds

California Dreams

California Dreamss

Chanting Induction

E.J. Golds

Dance of the Hi-Tech Shaman

E.J. Golds

Epitaph For An Ego

E.J. Golds


Zaphod & the Alien Allstarss

God's Greatest Easter Scam


Good Vibes

Bachtold / Golds

Hot Night in Hell

Gorebag & the Gruntss

How I Raised Myself from the Dead / Ressurection

E.J. Golds

Inside Outside

E.J. Golds


E.J. Golds

Journey to Nowhere and Back Again

Accardi / Golds

Live at RCA

E.J. Gold & Friendss

Live at the Philharmonic I

E.J. Golds

Mill Street Jazz Lab II

Mill Street Jazz Labs

Music From the Heart of the Galaxy

Zaphod & the New Harmonicss

Mysteries of the Meteorite

E.J. Golds

Mystical Journey of the Hi-Tech Shaman

E.J. Golds

Night Blooming Jazzman

E.J. Golds

No Bread Lotsa Jam

Accardi/Gold & Friendss

One Single Outbreath

E.J. Gold & Friendss

Pythagorean Harp & Harmonium Improvisations

E.J. Golds

Quincy Floyd Quintet

Quincy Floyd Quintets

Rates of Passage

E.J. Golds


Cynthia Henderson/Accardi/Golds

Ride That Carousel

E.J. Gold & Friendss

Ritual of the Cave

E.J. Golds

School Days

E.J. Gold & Friendss

Shaman Ritual Series II: Golden Age

E.J. Golds

Spacing Out

E.J. Golds

Spirit Drums

E.J. Golds

Spirit of Woodstock

Spirit of Woodstocks

The Jazz Koto of Eugene Yamamoto

Eugene Yamamotos

Tokyo Tour

Evan Lourie / E.J. Golds

Venus Rising

E.J. Golds

Way Beyond the Veil

E.J. Golds


Accardi / Golds


Jimmi Accardi & the