Live at the Philharmonic I

E.J. Gold

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Imagine yourself floating in a sea of limitless possibilities, endless flights of imagination, a space where the journey of the soul is not bound by considerations of what can or can not be. Time seems to lose its meaning as this eclectic mixtures of sound come together to form a musical wave which takes the listener to spaces which are unique to him or her. So masterfully crafted is this music one seems to hear and experience a new space each time the CD is played.

Track List

  • 1. Concerto #1
  • 2. Fantasia on an English Theme
  • 3. Blueprint of the Universe


  • © 2000 Cloister Recordings
  • All compositions © 1989 E.J. Gold (BMI)
  • Published by Union Label Music
  • Produced by E.J. Gold
  • Recorded by:
  • E.J. Gold - The Hi-Tech Shaman
  • Recorded at Union Label Studios, Nevada City, CA
  • Front cover art by E.J. Gold, ©1989 hei