Folk & Ethnic

Peoples Protest Songs

E.J. Gold


Price: $24.97

Songwriter E.J. Gold sings his People's Protest Songs from his songbook published under the same title. Lyrics revealing an insightful perspective on Donald Trump in his first month as U.S. President are sung to his guitar accompaniment. This collection of Gold's "folk" songs "from the folk" shed light on the turmoil of Trump's presidency and can be appreciated as "straight-shooting" social commentary.

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Songs of the Angels

Parker Dickson & Friends


Price: $29.97

This 2 CD set features live invocational folksinging from the early 1980's, and captures the mood and flavor of assemblies. Recorded under variable conditions (whenever a tape recorder happened to be present), these selections were originally assembled by Menlo Macfarlane and offered in the first Real World Catalog. The tape was salvaged and remastered in 1992 at The Union Label studios.

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Fourth Way Folksongs

Parker Dickson


Price: $16.97

Parker Dickson sings his original compositions and other songs from the Angel Songbook and Songs My Dead Mother Sang Me, accompanying himself on guitar.

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Best of Elwood Strutter Sutton

Elwood Strutter Sutton & Friends


Price: $16.97

E.J. Gold was in the studio recording vocal mic tests with his new Neumann mic. He was singin' the blues. Between tracks he said, "Elwood Strutter Sutton, 1927, crossing Madison and 53rd going west was hit by a truck. He never got to record. He was on his way to a job." Elwood came in on this session which took the form of a mic test, and Gold let the blues come out. Elwood said that "Rebop" was dedicated to his good friend Milt Hinton.

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The Pan Angelic Embassy

Parker Dickson & The Angelic Assembly


Price: $16.97

These Fourth Way folk songs elucidated the path for many who needed guidance. Embedded in the lyrics are clues and reminders to work on self for a higher purpose.

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Post Pop Festival

Accardi / Gold


Price: $16.97

A stellar ride into a musical sphere that defies your current concepts of musical reality. Here's an exercise. I'd like you to do. Buy the CD, take a quality work of visual art, turn on the CD, clear your mind and journey into the art using this music as a guide. When you're done, go outside and sit with your back against an extremely old tree in order to ground yourself. Have a nice trip.

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The Boy From Ireland



Price: $16.97

Zeb was nine and playing a quarter size fiddle when this album was recorded in 1989. He was studying classical violin with Ona Cropper in Vancouver, at the time.

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On the Road

Parker Dickson Band


Price: $16.97

It's a time warp that takes you straight back to the days of "peace, love and understanding!" An eclectic mix of folk, blues, rock and roll this CD is a delightful trip that makes you stop now and again in order to deal with a moment of realization.

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