Cover art by Menlo Macfarlane

Menlo's Midway Tape Commentaries

Mr. M.

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"...What began as an ordinary marketing opportunity rapidly became visible as a school endeavor. Though we were filled with the aim of selling objective music recordings, our ambitions collapsed when we arrived at our potential marketplace... The vision before us so obviously varied from our expectations that helplessness completely overtook us. How could we sell this music to this beer-drinking, corndog-eating crowd? Our preconceptions dashed, we were then free to shapeshift to the realm of the Shaman and market from there..." -- Assistant to Mr. M.

On the Midway at a large county fair, Menlo Macfarlane and Robbert Trice recorded commentaries on these fine art "not for human consumption" music pieces. The music here is by E.J. Gold. For in-depth exploration of these selections and more, listen to E.J. Gold's Blue Smoke, Venus Rising, Rates of Passage, and Dance of the Hi-Tech Shaman, all available on CD from Cloister Recordings.