Conscious Opera / I Can Let Go

Wayne Ritter and Brad Newsom

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Conscious Opera

An existential saga of epic, if nonsensical proportion awaits the brave listener willing to plunge into this mix of metaphysics and absurdity. However, behind the comedy lie some real gems. For instance, one will hear the basic primal yearning expressed by many a voyager just starting out.

I Can Let Go

Ever wonder what it's like to sit in the position of our Endless Creator? Follow the adventures of our god-intoxicated narrator giving his vision of life at the top. Be prepared to have any and all divine notions and preconceptions humorously taken apart. Some priceless pearls of wisdom will be heard, but pay attention, they go fast. What would it feel like to you?

Track List

  • Conscious Opera
  • I Can Let Go


  • Produced by E.J. Gold
  • Recorded live at Red House, Crestline, California, 1972 by E.J. Gold
  • Brad Newsom on piano
  • Mastered for CD by Oz Fritz
  • Cover art: E.J. Gold, Leaving the Body for Other Spaces, pen and ink wash on Society watercolor paper, © 1976 E.J. Gold
  • Cover design by Marvette Kort