The Pan Angelic Embassy

Parker Dickson & The Angelic Assembly

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These Fourth Way folk songs elucidated the path for many who needed guidance. Embedded in the lyrics are clues and reminders to work on self for a higher purpose.

One of the song writers, Parker Dickson, portrays in his prolific lyrics the mystery as well as the tangible yet elusive taste for the Work.

Feel free to sing along. The mood and themes of these songs may subtly penetrate your memory banks in order to resurface at a time of need.

Track List

  • 1. Green Felt Below Me (9:02) (Parker Dickson, E.J. Gold, Della Heywood, Menlo Macfarlane)
  • 2. Angels Anonymous (3:12) (Parker Dickson)
  • 3. Talkin' 'bout the Suffering of the Absolute (9:22) (music - Trad., lyrics - Parker Dickson)
  • 4. Village of the Idiots (5:39) (Parker Dickson)
  • 5. Holy Hobo Roundup (3:07) (Parker Dickson)
  • 6. I Shipped on Board a Fourth Way Liner (16:24) (Parker Dickson)
  • 7. Streets of Bokhara (2:43) (music - Trad., lyrics - Parker Dickson)
  • 8. Long a Growin' (2:57) (music - Trad., lyrics - Parker Dickson)
  • 9. The Human Race (2:48) (Parker Dickson)
  • 10. The Alchemist Said (2:27) (Parker Dickson)
  • 11. American Canaries (3:32) (Margaret McDonnell)
  • 12. The Leprechaun Song (3:13) (Margaret McDonnell)


  • 1998 Cloister Recordings
  • Music published by Union Label Music
  • Produced by E.J. Gold
  • Engineered and mixed by Jimmi Accardi
  • Mastered for CD by Oz Fritz
  • Recorded at Meadow Vista Studios
  • Recording artists:
  • Parker Dickson - guitar
  • Meg McDonnell - guitar
  • Vocals by Meg McDonnell, Parker Dickson, Nancy Christie, David Christie, Rose Gander, Menlo Macfarlane, Della Heywood, Claude Needham, Jerry Berman, Mike Sawyer, Robbert Trice, Kay Waltzer, Jewel McInroy, Tom X, Rick Crammond, Mike McDonnell ...and the Angelic Embassy