Miles From the Dead

The Cool Jazz Ensemble

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Percussion at its best. What began as an impromptu jam session, metamorphosed into an elegant ensemble of sound. Rhythmic, pulsing, sinuous...this very talented group of musicians add their expertise with a variety of musical tools from traditional drums and percussion to totally hi-tech industrial digeridoos and homemade horns. The result is a hypnotically rhythmic pastiche whose beat begins in your toes and then travels all the way up your body until you just have to dance.

Track List

  • 1. Fireball
  • 2. The Tunnel
  • 3. Particles & Waves
  • 4. Miles From the Dead
  • 5. Regular Trained Zucchini
  • 6. Smoke Signals
  • 7. Swahili Swing


  • © 1999 Cloister Recordings
  • All songs ©1999 Accardi/ Gold (BMI)
  • Arrangements by Jimmi Accardi
  • All songs published by Union Label Music
  • Produced by Accardi & Gold
  • Engineered by Marvette Kort
  • Mixed & mastered by Oz Fritz
  • Recording Artists:
  • Jimmi Accardi: koto, drum kit, bass, bass frame drum, maracas, clavinet, calope, vocals
  • E.J. Gold: saxophone, hand claps, vocals
  • Toddius Maximus: dumbek, maracas, bass frame drum, thumbed wood block, mini-djembe, vocals
  • David Christi: trumpet, didgeridoo, funnelodeum, funnel, rattles, dumbek
  • Douglass Truth: shell cases, kalimba
  • Robbert Trice: dumbek, harmonica, flute
  • Menlo Macfarlane: talking drum, congas, human body, cymbals, vocals (Japanese)
  • Front cover: E.J. Gold, Learning To Seal A Womb, acrylic & conte on canvas, ©1996 hei.