Photograph by Mark Einert

Send Money or the Fairie Dies!!!

Insane Investor Quartet

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"Honey, there's a fairie in our garden," my wife muttered in my ear as I lay sleeping peacefully, thoughts of work and stress completely out of my jurisdiction for the duration...I woke up sweating. Fairies in my garden. My first thought--they'll wreck my prize dahlias. Without a second thought, I reached for the Remington 870 Police Riot Special I use for home defense and varmints...

"No! No! Don't shoot that fairie!" shrieked my wife, and I clicked the safety on again, momentarily... "This is no time to be sentimental," I replied. "Those are my prize dahlias, and if that little son of a..."

"Now, now," she soothed..."Listen...what if you captured it instead?" "Captured a fairie?" I chortled. "What on earth would we do with a fairie?" "I don't know," she sighed..."what about...selling it on eBay?" So that's the whole story, and if somebody doesn't buy this little critter,why...I guess we can use it for medical experiments or something. Good luck bidding, although it's really the fairie who needs the luck, huh?

ps: It's actually a beautiful licensed casting, incredibly detailed and carefully painted, of a fairie, modeled directly from the wonderful books of Cicely Mary Barker! You will love this little is so cute! Please don't make me do anything rash...hehe....

Track List

  • 1. Send Money Or The Fairie Dies (3:18)
  • 2. Mah 3,5,7 (3:14)
  • 3. Put Up Your Dukes (2:58)
  • 4. Eleven Gallon Hat (2:57)
  • 5. The Old Gun Slinger (3:00)
  • 6. Zen Whaling (3:06)
  • 7. I Shop By Phone (2:55)
  • 8. My Old Dog Yeller (3:06)
  • 9. Six Miles An Hour (3:02)
  • 10. Chicken Flickin' Blues (2:25)
  • 11. My BBQ Baby (2:32)
  • 12. Prospectin' Bill (2:59)
  • 13. You're Under Arrest, Bitch (2:31)
  • 14. My Buddy (3:25)
  • 15. By Grandpa's Still (3:06)
  • 16. I Struck Out With You, Honey (3:06)
  • 17. Bubba And The UFO (3:01)
  • 18. Bessie The Old Waltzing Cow (3:08)


  • 1999 Cloister Recordings. All rights reserved.
  • All songs 1999 Accardi / Gold(BMI)
  • All songs published by Union Label Music
  • Produced by Accardi / Gold - Engineered by Oz Fritz
  • Recording Artists :
  • Jimmi Accardi - guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Bob Bachtold - drums
  • E.J. Gold - bass, keyboards, vocals
  • featuring Robbert Trice on percussion
  • Cover photos by Mark Einert 1999 Attention Power
  • CD-M194
  • $16.97