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Recent Additions:
Strange Landscapes cover image   Strange Landscapes
E.J. Gold

Like fabric that runs through Life, Death and all that lies between, the Zen Flute threads its way through a variety of parallel musical landscapes weaving an intimation of Sanctuary and the feeling of one's true home. Recommended for use with the Beacon and Zone Box. Recorded live without overdubs using a Neumann mic.
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Recent Additions:
E.J. & L.S.J. cover   E.J. & L.S.J.
E.J. Gold (harmonica), Justin Lowis (drums), Aja Salvatore (guitar), Isaac James (bass)

E.J. & L.S.J. -- E.J. plays sax and harmonica with these 3 young inspired jazz musicians. Half the cuts are on the calibre of jazz standards i.e. Sunny by Bobby Hebb, Blue in Green by Miles Davis, Footprints by Wayne Shorter, Blue Bossa by Kenny Dorham and Naima by John Coltrane -- songs all have heard and may not have known their titles. For those who have had the fortune to come to the Institute, this is the elusive jazz CD you may have heard but was never available, until now.

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Recent Additions:
Blues on Foggy Mountain cover   Blues on Foggy Mountain
E.J. Gold
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Down to earth but sophisticated, home-spun yet evoking sounds of Spain and other foreign locales, this unique musical offering presents a dynamically colorful melodic palette. ...Click Here for more information

"The Jazz Website is all about nurturing the next generation of jazz. This includes new musicians, new music, older musicians with new inspiration, new audiences discovering classic jazz, new releases of old-time favorites and much, much more."

.... and they do all of this as a public service (for no charge) to the musicians involved. We think that is great and do whatever we can to support this effort. Including providing this nice link to the website so you can browse on over and check it out. Get yourself listed and consider putting up a review of your favorite cds.

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